The day will be divided into two  sessions, with 20 minute long presentations and 45 minutes of discussion. This is the current programme, but the order of the papers or sessions may still be subject to change.

Creativity of Property Programme

26th June 2012, Darryl Ford Seminar Room, UCL Anthropology

9.00 – 9.30 Registration and coffee

9.30 – 9.45 Introduction to day

9.45 – 12.45 Claiming spaces with discussant Eric Hirsch

  • Introduction by discussant
  • Charlotte Johnson (Newcastle University): The Urge to Tidy: Fashioning post –neoliberal property out of shared attics and basements in residential buildings in Belgrade.
  • Tom McDonald (UCL): Owning a home for an evening: the commodification of hosting and guesting in a small south-western Chinese Town
  • Meixuan Chen (UCL): Lineage versus State: ownership conflicts in a home community of overseas Chinese
  • Luke Bennett (Sheffield Hallam): Making Somewhere Smaller – Ownership, use and the challenge of Surplus Value.
  • Rafael Schacter (UCL): Insurgent Ornamentation- Improvisational Creativity in the City.
  • Discussion

12.45 – 13.45 Lunch

13.45 – 16.10 Bodies and materials with discussant James Leach

  • Introduction by discussant
  • Nick Gadsby (UCL): The Freedom of Immateriality: Negotiating Commitment and Obligation in MMOs
  • Mike Upton (University of Manchester): Temporalities of Invention: Intellectual Property, HIV/AIDS and the Ownership of AZT
  • Amy Hinterberger & Natalie Porter (Oxford University): Claiming Sovereignty over viruses and genomes: Exploring Acts of Owning and Appropriating in International Collaborative Life Sciences Research
  • Marc Brightman & Vanessa Elisa Grotti (Oxford University): Ownership through nurture: first contacts, slavery and kinship relations in native Amazonia
  • Discussion

16.10 20 minute break

16.30 – 17.15 Closing discussion

17.15 onwards Drinks and dinner

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The Creativity of Property – Call for Papers

The workshop invites contributions on the topic of property and ownership in moments of change, i.e. the way concepts, institutions and structures of ownership are being negotiated and reinvented, how notions of ownership are being symbolically challenged and promoted, and how the constraints of property elicit creative responses. It will explore what it is, in our times, to possess or author something; on what grounds a place belongs to people or people to a place; what it takes to claim something or to make it common for everyone; and how people are creatively making something of their own out of the institutions of property. It explores the reasons and consequences behind the constitution of property, showing how it fabricates certain categories of persons, groups and objects, and assigns originality or origination.

The workshop will take place on 26th June at the Anthropology Department, University College London. The day will consist of two panels, which will be oriented towards the themes of “Space and Place” and “The Self and Materials”. We have confirmed Eric Hirsch and James Leach as discussants for the workshop. The day will end in a roundtable discussing bringing together the themes of the day, which is likely to be chaired by Susanne Kuechler. The workshops will consist of inclusive discussions for the improvement of the presented papers and the identification of key themes that warrant further academic work in this area.

We invite participants from all social sciences and history that are working on property and creative practice. If you wish to attend without presenting a paper, please register your interest by email with the organizers. For information on presenting a paper, please see our call for papers.

This workshop is funded by the UCL Anthropology Reading Group and Research Fund.

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